A New Zealand couple are joining more than 100 entrepreneurs from Australia this weekend heading for the sub-zero temperatures of Antarctica for an 11-day think-tank aimed at "raising financial intelligence".

Jeff and Donna Ghaemaghamy, who have a multimillion-dollar anti-ageing business and property portfolio between them, are among those paying up to A$27,800 ($29,800) for the voyage with the group known as "The Unstoppables".

There are 115 Australian entrepreneurs and the Kiwi couple on board the Sea Adventurer, which sets sail from southern Chile this weekend.

During the trip entrepreneurs will enjoy two adventure sessions out on the ice per day and three collaborative sessions working on their own enterprises as well as a variety of topics, including social entrepreneurship, and solving the planet's problems as the key to business wealth.


The expedition was being outfitted by New Zealand firm Icebreaker, whose chief executive, Rob Fyfe, said he was thrilled to partner with The Unstoppables.

"The founding principles of this organisation are closely aligned with Icebreaker's commitment to making a positive impact on the global community," Fyfe said.