Sky TV has confirmed it has banned Slingshot advertising, in a move the pay TV operator says protects consumers legitimately viewing TV shows and movies.

Slingshot's latest TV adverts, which have been refused by Sky TV, feature the ISP's Global Mode service, which makes it easy for users to access Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming video services.

Slingshot GM Taryn Hamilton says the ban "smacked of protectionism and censorship".

"It's a sad day when our TV stations start to ban ads because they feel threatened by one of their advertisers and the products they are offering. In this case Sky is using its position to obstruct Slingshot because they feel intimidated by Global Mode," Hamilton said.


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Sky TV said they were declining the Slingshot ads that feature 'Global Mode' given the recent strong connections made with illegitimately accessing Netflix.

"We are in the business of paying the people who create TV, film and other content for the rights to broadcast their work in NZ, and are against any form of piracy that undermines intellectual property rights," a Sky spokesperson said.

"We have suggested that Slingshot re-cut the proposed ad to remove references to 'Global Mode' if they wish to advertise on Sky," Sky said.