Flights were late arriving at Auckland Airport from Australia last night after a global reservations system crashed, causing major disruption across the Tasman.

An airport operations official said four flights were running between 20 minutes and half an hour late, two each from Sydney and Brisbane.

Although Air New Zealand says it does not use the reservations system which crashed, two of its flights were among those delayed last night as a flow-on from general disruption around Australia.

The other affected incoming flights were those of Qantas, which uses the system for check-in, load control and inventory services.


A Qantas spokeswoman in Australia said domestic flights there were delayed by an hour and international movements by up to that length, even though the reservations system was back in action by mid-afternoon.

A tweeter identified as Fake Qantas PR put a topical spin on the situation, saying "If you're flying @qantas today, please be patient. Our systems are down. And no, it's not because we didn't pay our Carbon Tax bill."