It's the camera named Zoe and its makers believe the moniker will mean more sales than if it had been branded the traditional way - Fujifilm Z110.

It's one example of businesses coming up with creative brand names they think tech-savvy teenagers are demanding.

Cleo Mitchell, of Chilli Marketing, said electronics firms in particular were moving away from traditional numerical model numbers and towards brand names that gave an identity.

Brand names that decribed the product were popular, she said, as more purchases were made online and fewer on the advice of retail staff.


"It is definitely a trend to move away from a model number to something that describes a benefit."

Fujifilm's marketing services manager, Maca Melendez, said calling its new teenager-targeted camera Zoe gave it an identity.

"With social media we are talking directly to consumers and listening to them. We wanted customers to relate to it like you would a friend."

Professor Rod Brodie of the University of Auckland said social media changed marketing. "The big thing now is with a brand it used to be about image and logo. Now we talk about brand relationships and engagements. If this facilitates that, it's a great idea."