Claiming ACC while working has led to eight months' home detention for a Paraparaumu man.

Simon John Kruidenier, 58, pleaded guilty to a representative charge of defrauding ACC when he appeared in Porirua District Court recently. Judge John Walker also sentenced him to 100 hours' community service.

ACC claims department general manager Denise Cosgrove said Kruidenier started receiving weekly compensation in September 2005 as he was unfit to work due to occupational neurotoxicity, sustained while working as a printer's assistant.

Weekly compensation payments were backdated to 1998 but Kruidenier failed to tell ACC he had resumed work in 2002.


He continued to work and claim weekly compensation until October 2009, receiving $85,878.99 net.

"Throughout the period during which he received weekly compensation, Mr Kruidenier declared neither his employment status nor his earnings to ACC, despite signing numerous declarations stating he was aware he must tell ACC of any change in his circumstances that may affect his entitlement,'' Ms Cosgrove said.

"What makes this so disappointing is that ACC collects levies to help people with genuine injury-related needs.

"Mr Kruidenier's offending therefore amounts to theft from honest, hard-working New Zealanders.''