Adidas New Zealand says they won't change the price of the All Blacks jersey.

Following a meeting between Rebel Sport and Adidas this afternoon, Adidas has released a statement saying the company regards its recommended retail price as reasonable.

It comes after the revelation the jerseys are available from the US for just over NZ$100, compared to more than $200 here caused outrage among fans.

New Zealand country manager David Huggett said Kiwi rugby fans know they are supporting New Zealand rugby when they buy a replica jersey and the price partly reflects this investment in the game.


"We invest millions of dollars in Kiwi rugby from grassroots through to the All Blacks, including a major investment in the state-of-the-art All Black jersey," he said.

Mr Huggett said Adidas regarded the price as comparable to other licensed replica jerseys being sold in NZ.

"While we provide guidance on a recommended retail price, it's guidance only and we welcome a competitive retail market."

"We're comfortable our price to the local retail trade is a reasonable one. Retailers are at liberty to price the product to their customers as they see fit."

Rebel Sport managing director Rod Duke told the meeting he thought the jersey needed to be around the same cost as it is overseas.

"They believe that the prices in the market is the price they want to sell to me at and if I want to make any movement then I've got to take it out of my margins," he told Newstalk ZB's Murray Deaker.

Mr Duke says a meeting will take place tomorrow to decide whether Rebel Sport will reduce the cost of the jersey.

- Newstalk ZB