Tourism New Zealand has commissioned an Asia Visitor Study focused on China, Singapore, Malaysia and India to see if the country's tourism offering meets consumer expectations.

The study also aimed to identify sectors or products that needed development to satisfy visitors.

New Zealand's short-term visitor arrivals from India increased 13.3 per cent in the year ended May to 29,992 people - making it the country's tenth biggest market.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive Kevin Bowler said the research showed that in general visitors from India were happy with their experiences in New Zealand but more could be done.

Relatively simple changes such as less of the "she'll be right" attitude to customer service, a greater variety of Indian food on menus, particularly at breakfast, and a greater range of attractions opening later would make a real difference, Bowler said.

"Visitors from throughout the Asian region have different expectations from those of our traditional Western visitors," he said.

"By better understanding what the visitor desires, tourism business are more likely to benefit from the unprecedented growth in international arrivals from Asia."