Jetstar has apologised after telling a Christchurch family they would need to provide photographic proof signed off by authorities that their home was damaged in the earthquake before the airline would refund return flights to Australia.

Gillian Smith was to fly to Melbourne tomorrow to visit her daughter Sarah.

It was supposed to be a break from the aftershocks after the September 4 quake and a shopping trip with her daughter, who is 4 months pregnant with her first child.

But after last week's quake, Mrs Smith wants instead to stay put to look after her Avonside home. She'll head to Australia later.

Because Mrs Smith has been without a phone, electricity and other amenities since the quake, daughter Sarah took on the task of talking to Jetstar.

She said she battled with three separate staff members trying to get the flights refunded, to no avail.

Sarah Smith has accused Jetstar of being "inhumane" for refusing a refund.

At her third attempt, she was told to provide proof of the earthquake damage.

The Jetstar employee suggested the Smiths get a letter from the Christchurch City Council or the police, Ms Smith said. "Seriously, do the police not have enough to do?"

After getting a call from the Herald yesterday, Jetstar quickly resolved the matter. A spokeswoman apologised for the mistake.

"On numerous levels Jetstar has been doing all it can for our [quake-affected] customers ... including fare refunds and free changes of travel plans."