SkyCity Entertainment wants gambling regulations rolled back so its casinos in Auckland and Adelaide can better compete with gambling floors in Sydney and Melbourne.

The company is also linking eased gambling regulations at Adelaide with its support for a South Australian Government redevelopment of Adelaide's riverfront.

SkyCity yesterday indicated that the company might be prepared to spend up to $250 million on the casino, though the idea is still in its early stages.

Peter Treacy - SkyCity Entertainment general manager of government and industry affairs - said Adelaide was similar to New Zealand and at a disadvantage to Sydney and Melbourne.

Differences mostly related to the rules for slot machines.

SkyCity chief executive Nigel Morrison said it was trying to attract more international customers, including Australians and Asians, to travel to New Zealand.

"Because of the gambling rules their offer to customers is significantly enhanced. Issues range from denomination, the size of bets, ticket in and ticket out and functionality," he said.

"SkyCity would like to see a level playing field.

"Bringing Australians to New Zealand is a growth market for us - it's a weekend away, with a bit of tourism as well."

Morrison said there was also a market to bring Asian customers to New Zealand - not just for table game players, but also to play slot machines.

Business analyst and investor Brian Gaynor said he was wary about about the casino sector and the regulatory environment.

There had been a trend toward more regulation over the past three to four years, not less.