Bryers' shock disclosure in an interview obtained by Herald on Sunday.

Blue Chip boss Mark Bryers has revealed his need for psychological help to deal with the collapse of his business empire.

In an interview, he also spoke of receiving death threats - and then revealed the existence of a secret family trust.

The Blue Chip group fell apart two years ago, costing 3000 Kiwi investors about $80 million.

Bryers last week pleaded guilty to 31 charges laid by the Ministry of Economic Development over failure to complete and supply documents relating to his collapsed finance empire.

He did not attend the hearing but will have to be in court for sentencing in May. He has already been told a jail sentence is unlikely.

Documents obtained by the Herald on Sunday include an interview with Bryers by liquidators for one of his collapsed companies, Swordfish Lodge Management Limited. The company ran an exclusive retreat at Gulf Harbour and owed tens of thousands of dollars to investors. The interview was in May 2008 and was conducted under oath.

Most of the questions were asked by Daniel Grove, a lawyer acting for the liquidators.

In the interview, Bryers complained about not having enough notice to fly from Australia to attend a creditors meeting of Swordfish Lodge Management Ltd.

He had moved from Remuera to a Sydney apartment following Blue Chip's collapse.

"I didn't feel the notice given to me was appropriate," he said. "I had had death threats ... I had asked that I needed some form of protection to ensure when I arrived here it was done on a confidential basis.

"I also advised ... that I had been undertaking some psychological assistance to deal with a trauma which had occurred as a result of the problems in New Zealand and felt unable to travel."

Bryers also spoke of a family trust that owed money to Swordfish Lodge Management Ltd. The Serious Fraud Office investigation into Bryers continues.

Excerpt from Bryers' interview, May 2008

Grove: "There is a reference in the accounts to a sum being owed by somebody called the Sebastian Trust. Do you know who that is?"

Bryers: "Yes I do."

Grove: "What is the Sebastian Trust?"

Bryers: "Sebastian Trust is a trust relating to our family interests."

Grove: "To your family interests?"

Bryers: "Yes."

Grove: "Who are the trustees of the Sebastian Trust?"

Bryers: "Can't recall offhand."

Grove: "Are you a beneficiary of the trust?"

Bryers: "I can't recall that either."

Grove: "If we want to write to the Sebastian Trust, who do we write to?"

Bryers: "Well, I am happy to act as an authorised agent to receive information and receive any questions."