A UK boxer has earned a unique place in history by becoming the 'most losing' boxer in history.

Kristian Laight last weekend reached a remarkable milestone - his 300th professional fight. He lost. He has now suffered 278 defeats, won just 12 times and never knocked anyone out.

Laight is now on a 53-fight winless run that he isn't convinced he will ever snap.

"I've never been successful but… well, I suppose I'm not successful at boxing either. But to have 300 fights is an achievement," Laight told Sky Sports. "I've never been knocked out, only stopped on my feet. I fight top quality kids. My little boy will be proud of me, when he's older.


"Of course I'm a failure in terms of boxing. But when my little boy is older, people will ask him if he was fed, and had clothes on his back. He does. I went out and did it the hardest way imaginable to earn for my family.

"I've been successful at holding a job down for so many years. In my eyes, I've been successful. I've not been able to have a proper job in the past. It's hard to take orders from a boss when I spend the week doing what I love, waking up when I want, going to bed when I want. I'm happy."

Nicknamed Mr. Reliable because he never rejects a fight offer, Laight is into the 15th year of a career that has achieved nothing but longevity itself. That, after his latest fight, has given this unlikely cult figure something to hang his hat on, in a sport that can be notoriously unforgiving.

The strangest thing about Laight's bonkers boxing record is that, in 300 fights and 279 defeats, he has been stopped just five times.

The reason is practical - stoppage defeats result in a 28-day medical suspension.

"A month off without earning? I need to hear the final bell. I can't explain how I do it - it's experience, little tricks, keeping distance, holding."

"When I stop permanently I'll get a proper job. I've got so much experience over 15 years that it'd be an injustice if I didn't stay in boxing. My wealth of knowledge is second to none. Medicals, venues, management. I'd like to stay in the game."

A unique place in history guaranteed, Laight's 301st fight is fast approaching.