The British Boxing Board of Control have shown defiance over their choice of referee for Joseph Parker's heavyweight title defence next week.

The Parker camp are furious local referee Terry O'Connor has been appointed to control the bout against Hughie Fury in Manchester.

The World Boxing Organisation have contacted the Board about O'Connor's appointment, however BBBOC general secretary Robert Smith has told Sky Sports News there was no reason to bring in an overseas referee.

"Our standard policy is to have a British referee, a British judge, an official from the country where the boxer is coming from and another from a neutral country [on the judging panel]," Smith told Sky Sports.


"We advised the WBO some time ago our referee we want to appoint is Terry O'Connor and the judge being Marcus McDonnell.

Parker's promoter David Higgins claimed the absence of a neutral referee contravened the fight contract.

However, Smith says on this occasion they don't feel the need to deviate from their standard policy.

"We asked them to supply us their names for the other two. They supplied us two other names, which didn't include a New Zealander. When that was questioned, we said we are very happy for a New Zealand judge, absolutely right, got no problem with that at all. But we still haven't had any New Zealand judge sent to us from the WBO for approval. That's ultimately their responsibility.

"As far as we're concerned, we've had a bit of correspondence from Parker's team. We have heard nothing from the actual promoter in this country, Mick Hennessey, but we certainly had something from Parker's team, giving us their thoughts.

"We take on board what their thoughts are, we don't agree. We feel on this occasion, there is no need to deviate from our standard policy."