The Blackjacks have made a great start to week two of the World Bowls Championships in Christchurch with all four disciplines progressing through the opening day unbeaten.

Having won bronze medals in all four disciplines in the first week of the tournament, the New Zealand side is desperate to get to the post section stage but turn some bronze into gold this week.

Shannon McIlroy enjoyed three wins in the men's singles - beating Tony Cheung, of Hong Kong, 21-17, Abd Rahman HJ. Omar, from Brunei, 21-10, and Loukas Paraskeua, of Cyprus, 21-19.

In the men's fours, the New Zealand team of Mike Nagy, Mike Kernaghan, Blake Signal and Ali Forsyth recorded wins over Israel (26-6), Canada (13-9) and Fiji 25-5.


The women's pair of Angela Boyd and Jo Edwards had a 28-9 win over Cyprus, a 19-14 win over the Philippines and a 24-7 win over the impressive Australian combination of Karen Murphy and Kelsey Cottrell - both gold medallists in week one. The women's triples of Katelyn Inch, Kirsten Edwards and Val Smith enjoyed a 21-11 win over Namibia, a 17-15 win over Hong Kong and 26-10 over China.