2 Dope Queens - one of the best podcasts in the world (and by that I mean, my favourite) - is coming to an end after little more than two years. Comedians, writers, actors and all-round dope queens Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams recently posted their last episode with the one and only Michelle Obama for the most fitting send-off ever. To the Queens, thank you for all the lols, the brutal honesty and making a whole heap of us feel a little less alone out here in the world.


Speaking of absolute queens, I know I'm way, way too late to this party but I have just read Rupi Kaur for the first time and my bleeding heart is still somewhere between those pages. A friend loaned me Milk and Honey and I read it in one go and instantly grabbed a copy of her follow up, The Sun and Her Flowers. If, like me, you were woefully unaware of Rupi's brilliance, I recommend you read the books or follow her on Insta. For everyone else, just re-read it for kicks, because this woman is a bloody treasure.

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💅🏽a throwback. page 165 from #milkandhoney

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On the topic of badass women and feminist art, if you've never seen HBO's Insecure (available on Neon), it is not only an amazing show but it has one of the best soundtracks I've ever seen on a TV series. I recently collected all three seasons' OSTs into one playlist and have been jamming it on repeat ever since. If you want sassy feminist bangers, sexy slowjams and Issa Rae rapping her inner monologue, these soundtracks are for you. I highly recommend anything by SZA, Buddy, Nao or Leikeli47 especially.


Prepare yourself for a major digression - I'm going from queens to New Zealand's own princess: Rose McIver. The Kiwi actor stars in Netflix's Christmas Prince sequel: A Royal Wedding and I already know this will be my guilty pleasure of the year. I got tasked with watching and writing about the first film last year, and I know I'll wind up watching this one on a Sunday morning with a bowl of cereal and zero regrets. It's an easy watch, a joy to make fun of, something you don't have to think about, and just a little bit warm and fuzzy.