Key Points:

Britney Spears

' comeback single



, from her upcoming album


, has debuted - again.

After a rather embarrassing false start last week, the track hit U.S. airwaves on Friday - days after Spears' record company Jive moved the single's official release date, due to some genius


The short, hideously-poor-quality recording of Brit Brit's


was played by a U.S. radio station DJ last week, as well as being published on its website. The singer's record company pulled a face and the track was subsequently yanked.

According to, Jive says the 37-second clip was probably made after a rep for the record company played the track to the station during a phone call. The rest is history.

Hit us one more time?

Granted, you've all probably listened to this track at least a million times already (actually, if you have, you need help...more on that later), but humour me.

Listen to



So what's the verdict on the comeback contender's single?

Let me put it this way, it's got HIT written all over it. It's catchy, saccharine-coated, superficial pop that will inevitably burrow its merry way into your head. Trust me, to resist is futile.

The song has a certain melodic charm - a bit like a jackhammer or a dentist's drill does.  I wouldn't go as far as to say it's the audio equivalent of a drive-by shooting, but it's pretty darned close.

Packing a punch with asinine

including: "You say I'm crazy/ I got your crazy/You're nothing but a womanizer,"


ain't gonna be up for an Ivor Novello, bit I don't think it even pretends to be a contender.

Enough of what I think. It's Brit Brit's fans who will decide whether this single is the real deal. So what do you think? Spill your thoughts below.


Bit Brit's video for the song is apparently shaping up nicely.

According to an on-set snitch who witnessed the filming of the video last week, we can look forward to a sultry vision of a tattooed Britney unveiling before our very eyes.

In one scene, Spears (wearing her Sunday best, i.e. tight, black leather pants and fake tattoos on her arms) writhes around on a kitchen floor like some wanton sex goddess, and proceeds to straddle some bloke in a suit. As you do.

The next scene is one of her seductively sucking on cherries and "dangling them around her mouth," a witness tells

I'll stop right there. Way, way too many cheap stabs at innuendo milling through my mind.

Quote of the day

"I've never seen that (sex) tape of me and



, and I don't ever want to. I see more than enough of Tommy as it is. I can't get rid of him.

"A bunch of creepy men made a lot of money from me and that tape, so I figured I should get in on the act and film myself."


Eh, Pamela Anderson?

Blind bits

You guess the celebutards...


girl and boy bands

have become so close in recent weeks, they've started

swapping partners

? The promiscuous groups are getting a bad rep among disgusted record label bosses."


musical family man


having a kinky affair

? He and his wife are on the outs, and he's totally smitten with a younger sultry vixen. Why? She loves porn and experimentation."


lanky actor

claims he's always been skinny but actually his continuing weight loss has more to do with a

two-gram-a-day coke addiction


"Who almost skipped the


because of a

bruised and battered face

? This


wanted to look her very best when on stage. However, the marks from her recent plastic surgery were still very obvious. A desperate search for a makeup artist and hair expert specialising in concealing scars and bruises ensued, and the star wound up looking perfect. Some say a little too perfect."

Blogger's brief

Today is a very special day, folks.

Believe it or not, this blog is now a year old. Yes, twelve delightful and fun-filled months have passed since I first started populating this darkened corner of cyberspace with celebrity scandal and superficiality.

What can I say; it's been one hell of a ride. To quote a famous Madonna lyric, I feel like I've "been through the wilderness, but somehow I made it through". Nah, scrap that. It's been an absolute joy.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and insatiable thirst for shallow, celebrity-laden gossip. I salute you!

Here's to the next year, darlings...

Fast gossip

I saw these and thought of you...

Jennifer Aniston

drunk dialled ex

John Mayer


Reese Witherspoon


Vince Vaughn


Amy Winehouse

looks worse than ever:

Michelle Williams

donates to

Heath Ledger

's memorial fund:

Ellen Pompeo

: Beam me up Scotty!

Rumer Willis

wants you to rock the vote:

Pam Anderson

wants to pose nude again. Yawn:



Benji Madden

pucker up:

Britney Spears



back together?

Parasite Hilton

to walk down the aisle:

Cristiano Ronaldo

waxed, toned and trimmed:

Grumpy pants

Kanye West

dodges charges:

Sarah Palin

, the next Playboy bunny?

Martha Stewart

says size does matter:

George Clooney


Brad Pitt


Miley Cyrus

and 20-year-old boyfriend get serious:

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