Q: There is a "Give way to all traffic" sign at the intersection of Selbourne St and Surrey Cres, for cars turning right into Selbourne. What is the purpose of this sign which contradicts the "left-turning traffic give way to all traffic turning right" rule? Ros Sullivan, Grey Lynn.

A: The council thanks you for bringing this anomaly to their attention. The sign will be removed.

Q: I read a notice that said a new link between Savill Drive in Mangere East and James Fletcher Drive in Favona would be open in September 2006. I do not see any progress on the project. What is happening and when will it actually open? Nafis Akhtar, Mangere Bridge.

A: Design work for the project is complete. The new road will link Savill Drive, Massey Rd and Favona Rd via a new bridge over Harania Creek. This new route will provide an alternative to the Kaka St overbridge, and will serve the growing number of container and freight-forwarding companies in the area. The road and bridge are expected to be open in March 2008.


Q: I travel westbound along Donovan St in Blockhouse Bay at rush hour and I'm sure if there was a no-parking zone between 4pm and 6pm, the queue at the roundabout at Blockhouse Bay Rd would be able to split in two earlier and reduce the congestion. Are there any plans for this? Danielle Buckingham, Titirangi.

A: The citybound bus lane recently installed in Donovan St meant lane widths on the road had to be adjusted. The council now feels that there is no room for a clearway lane westbound.