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Her Facebook page declares she's "in a relationship", so it should come as no surprise that 20-year-old actress Keisha Castle-Hughes chose the high profile venue of Nicole Miller's Fashion Week show on Thursday to introduce her new man: rapper Michael Graves (aka Mic G).

Since splitting from Bradley Hull in June - the father of three-year-old Felicity - Castle-Hughes has been romantically linked to No. 2 actor Joe Folou and Warriors halfback Isaac John. But it appears the aspiring hip hop star has stolen her heart.

The pair were Spy-ed looking loved up at St Lukes shopping centre on Saturday. The starlet bought a pair of black wedge heels and was Spy-ed wearing them hours later at the Qantas Awards.

Our mole gushed: "She was with a tall, gangly, scruffy bloke who didn't look like Bradley at all. She had terrible chin pimples but seemed very happy. She was dancing in her new black suede platforms to make sure they fitted well. She had her hand on her bloke's thigh and he sat very patiently while she shopped and looked at her adoringly."

Ronan Keating Tuis-bound

The build up for the upcoming New Zealand Music Awards on October 7 is reaching fever pitch with the news that X Factor star Ronan Keating may be making a surprise guest appearance. Word is, the Irish superstar will jet in to present an award at the Tuis which will undoubtedly make it the party of the year.

All the goss from the Qantas Awards

Most missed: Simon Dallow was at a wedding in Fiji; Danielle Cormack was performing in a Sydney play; and director Niki Caro was AWOL when Vera Farmiga won best actress.

Nervous giggles erupted around the auditorium when no one collected the award, before quick-thinking Keisha saved the day and stepped up. But it was a bit weird when she posed with the gong in the media room later.

Best eyelash batting: Mark Sainsbury and Sam Hayes drew raised eyebrows with their close chinwag at the after-party bar. Gilda K stopped to say hello to her friend Sainso, only to be met by a frosty Hayes who was guarding her territory. The self ascribed eco princess was sporting an itty bitty white negligee better suited for an orgy at the Playboy mansion. Was Sainso her Hef?

Best plus-one: Paul Henry predictably brought his eldest daughter Lucy, but Mike McRoberts upped the ante and brought his wife Paula and co-star Hilary. Two dates, now that's just greedy.

Most envied: TV1's Ali Pugh may have arrived with colleague Jack Tame but she was busted at the after-party flirting outrageously with Taika Waititi. She was the envy of every woman in the room. The Pughster told Spy she's single these days because her muso man Jo Barus "won't move to Auckland."

Best Zola Bud impression: Stephanie Tauevihi accepted her award (Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film) onstage sporting bare feet. Is that an OSH hazard?

Biggest confession: Richard Prebble, who has kept a staunch silence on the fiasco that is the Act party, told Spy he finds the David Garrett saga "painful to listen to." He insisted he knew nothing about his past.

Best performance: The Patea Maori Club closed the ceremony with their classic Poi E. The crowd clapped enthusiastically and Taika Waititi and his young Boy co-stars broke into an impromptu break-dance on stage.

Biggest sartorial statement: Marcus Lush arrived deliberately under-dressed in khakis, a Tauramanui tourist T-shirt, tramping boots, a canvas tote and woolly hat. Still, it was an improvement from the North Country premiere when he sported a bushy beard and a headband.

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