Q: Now that the construction outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albert St in the CBD has been completed do you know when Auckland Council will be re-installing the "No Right Turn" sign that used to be there before so traffic doesn't block the only lane running down that part of Albert St please?

Steve Munns, Auckland.

The removal of the right-turn ban sign was done during the upgrade of the porte cochere (entrance way) of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. A request has been made to the project contractor to reinstate the sign as soon as possible. Auckland Transport will be checking the site to ensure the sign is replaced.

Q: With the new AT Hop cards due out in November, we have been receiving conflicting advice regarding the use of a SuperGold card. Do we have to have a Hop card to use the gold card on buses and trains? Some accurate advice would be welcomed.
Jim Watkins, Manurewa.


The answer is no, you do not need an AT Hop card to be able to use your SuperGold card on Auckland buses, trains and ferries. This is the situation currently, and will not change.

There are conditions that apply to the use of a SuperGold card. They can only be used for free travel on scheduled public transport buses, trains and ferries in the Auckland region after 9am on weekdays, and all day on weekends and public holidays.

Q: I live on the North Shore and do the daily commute via Esmonde Rd. Outside the church is what appears to be a motorway information sign. To my knowledge it has never operated correctly and only ever shows a block of about 16 squares of light which amuse themselves by moving at random around the surface of the sign. In spite of sending an email to NZTA some weeks ago, as yet unanswered, their amusement continues to be our annoyance. Your help would be appreciated.

Terry Scoble, North Shore.

The NZ Transport Agency regrets any inconvenience that has been caused by this sign not working. There have been issues with the power supply to the sign, it has been the target of vandals, and the big changes to the motorway through St Marys Bay and Victoria Park meant that information was not immediately available to keep drivers informed of travel times. The good news is that the information sign should be working properly in a few weeks.