An Arrowtown cafe was left in short supply of bread after a dog with a penchant for panini, French sticks, doughnuts and bagels made off with $60 worth of stock.

Bread was delivered to Arrowtown's Espresso Love cafe at the earlier time of 3am last Saturday and left in an outside area.

Cafe owner Jacynda Wallace said she arrived at the cafe to find nearly all of the bread destined for the day's customers gone.

The theft was reported at 9am and Ms Wallace expected police to be looking for a two-legged culprit.


Arrowtown's CCTV system was used to identify who had stolen the bread and after scouring the tape, Arrowtown community constable Senior Constable Beth Fookes discovered the offender was a black Labrador.

The CCTV footage showed the dog making return trips down the alley to the cafe and returning with a mouthful of bread, which occurred until the owner's arrival at 7.30am.

The dog stole about 40 bread items and Ms Fookes described what she had seen as "a dog on a mission".

Ms Wallace said she was relieved to hear the thief was a dog and there was not an arrestable offender lurking around Arrowtown.

The dog has not been found.