A Wanganui woman who was so drunk she reversed into a power pole and then drove forward into the side of a house while trying to move her car has been given community work.

Hariata Rosta Rawiri, 54, appeared in Wanganui District Court yesterday and was convicted of careless driving and drink driving.

The court was told Rawiri was drinking at an associate's house on January 24 this year when she decided to move her car to allow one of the other people at the address to leave.

She reversed at high speed, crossing the footpath and both traffic lanes, before hitting a wooden powerpole with such force it split the power pole.


Rawiri then put the car in drive and accelerated heavily.

The car shot back across the road, over the footpath and ran into the side of her associate's house.

Rawiri was taken to Wanganui Hospital where she was found to have a blood alcohol level of 209mg per 100ml of blood.

The limit is 80mg per 100ml of blood.

Rawiri's lawyer Roger Crowley said Rawiri pleaded guilty immediately, and while she did have previous convictions, the last one was 12 years ago.

Judge Matheson sentenced her to 140 hours' community work, and disqualified her from driving for one year and one day. She was ordered to pay blood analysis fees of $193 and reparation of $155.44 for the powerpole.