If you have information about Titan or recognise the man in the pictures, contact the Counties Manukau police.

A trespasser suspected of planning a burglary wasn't deterred when he couldn't get into an Auckland house, coming back to the property with his own leash to steal the family dog.

But he probably didn't bet on having the crime - and his face - broadcast over the internet when the owner found his dog missing.

Bryant Walker, 18, was out on Friday when his 15-week old German shepherd, Titan, was stolen from his East Tamaki house.

Titan was in the fenced-off Point View Drive yard when a man walked on to the property. He was caught on surveillance camera peering into the house and wandering outside.


Images show him walking past Titan and then later returning with a leash and taking him.

When Mr Walker realised the theft had been recorded, he uploaded the footage, including a shot of the man's face and distinctive baseball cap, to YouTube.

When the thief spotted the CCTV cameras, he destroyed them. However, Mr Walker was able to watch the taped footage on his computer.

"I was shocked. It's still sinking in. I'm heartbroken, to be honest," said Mr Walker. "They had their own leash. I don't know if they came specifically for the dog ... He couldn't get into the house so he stole my dog."

Mr Walker gave police the footage. He has also uploaded the pictures of the man to the internet and is appealing for anyone who recognises him to come forward.

"It may not seem like a big thing to them, but it's hurt a lot of people," he told the Herald.

"Titan is part of our family. It's like losing a member of the family."

Mr Walker said watching the footage was devastating.

"Words can't really describe ... You're seeing something being taken and you want to do something about it but you can't.

"I just want to find the person who did this and bring him to justice."