Camper is due to arrive at Puerto Montt tomorrow and the crew's focus is turning to making the pit stop in the Chilean port is as brief as possible.

The crew has been making the most of the moderate weather conditions to clean and prepare the boat's damaged bow section so the team of waiting boat builders can begin their work as soon as the boat arrives.

The Camper shore crew will be working around the clock to carry out a permanent repair job and allow the boat to resume the race to Brazil. The job is expected to take between three and four days.

It is now understood that Abu Dhabi will join Camper in Puerto Montt but will be shipped from there to Itajai, meaning that valuable points remain up for grabs when Camper completes leg five of the Volvo Ocean Race at the Brazilian port.


Camper skipper Chris Nicholson said it was a tight time frame.

"The forecast looks good for us to get to shore, and everything is prepped and ready for our arrival. Even though we have been planning for this for some days now, our focus is gravitating back towards when we re-join this leg.

"There's no two ways about it - what we're embarking on is challenging with a lot of time at sea and minimal time to recover but we're determined to do it.

"Due to the war of attrition we should be able to walk out of this leg with a fourth place [15 points] and we'll then be aiming to pick up more points in the Itajai in-port race.

"We have to look down the track to all the points that are still on offer. This race remains wide open."