A respected Aussie reporter's excruciating interview with US President Donald Trump has gone viral and is producing hundreds of memes.

Trump sat down with Axios's national political correspondent Jonathan Swan, which was aired by HBO this week. Swan grilled Trump about the US response to the coronavirus pandemic, with the US President insisting the US was "under control".

Swan, who continued to ask Trump what he meant, reminded the President throughout the interview "a thousand Americans are dying a day". Swan appeared confused by the President's responses, and photos of his perplexed reactions have gone viral.

The Axios interview has since gone viral with Swan praised for his prosecutorial questioning of Trump, as well as what many have said played out to be a sitcom-type scenario.


During the interview, Trump began handing Swan charts and graphs.

A particularly awkward part of the interview is where Trump begins waving different charts at Swan and explaining how his interpretation of death rate data makes the US a world leader in the coronavirus.

Holding a chart he tells Swan, "Here's one right here, United States. The number of cases – have a look. We're last. Meaning we're first."

Swan responds, "Last? I don't know what we're first in."

And of course some making memes were still remembering the last time the President went viral for making comments about medical science.

Last month Trump explained a cognitive test which involved him recalling the words "person, woman, man, camera, TV" was "very hard".