In Australia, Victoria's wide-ranging retail shutdown has been described as a "nuclear bomb" that will wipe out the state's economy and small businesses.

It comes as the state is tipped to report more than 400 new coronavirus cases and several deaths, after 429 cases and 13 deaths were announced on Monday.

The additional stage four restrictions outlined by Premier Daniel Andrews yesterday are expected to lead to a further 250,000 job losses.

Small Business Australia executive director Bill Lang told 3AW his members had been left "totally gobsmacked" by the announcement.


Lang said "hundreds of thousands" of sole traders or mum-and-dad shops in Victoria had already found themselves ineligible for government assistance and would likely not qualify for the latest round.

"It's a very, very sad day here in the state of failure," he said.

$63K fine for fake virus treatment

A Victorian company that was at the centre of Essendon's 2012 doping scandal has been fined $63,000 after allegedly unlawfully touting fake "breakthrough" Covid-19 treatments.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration last week issued five infringement notices to SGC Products Pty Ltd, which trades as Dr Ageless and is owned and operated by biochemist and convicted drug trafficker Shane Charter.

Charter, who sourced peptides for controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank, was a star witness for the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority's probe into the club's supplements programme.

In a statement, the TGA alleged that the Dr Ageless website "unlawfully advertised Thymosin Alpha-1 and Thymosin Beta-4 peptides as a 'breakthrough preventative treatment for coronavirus (Covid-19)'".

The TGA also alleged the Dr Ageless website advertised its products as being effective against "cancerous cells".

"The TGA has not registered any products as a preventative treatment for Covid-19 infection," Health Department deputy secretary Adjunct Professor John Skerritt said.


"We allege an advertisement that claims a particular medicine can prevent Covid-19 could put lives at risk and is likely to be illegal. Businesses are responsible for the content of their advertising – and just because they quote another source it does not remove this responsibility."

Harsher penalties for breaches

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews will today announce tougher penalties for people who are found not to be quarantining at home after they test positive for coronavirus, Nine News is reporting.

Police conducted 4366 spot checks on people at homes, businesses and public places across the state in the 24 hours to yesterday morning, with 172 fines issued totalling $250,000 – the largest amount since the start of stage three restrictions.