A 13-day-old baby with no underlying health conditions has died with Covid-19 in the UK - becoming the nation's youngest known victim of the disease.

It is unclear how the baby, whose gender has not been released, contracted Covid-19.

The news came as Sheffield children's hospital – in England's north – confirmed that a child died on Monday after being admitted in a critical condition.

The hospital said the child had tested positive for Covid-19 but the cause of death had not been determined.


Previously, the youngest person to have died with the virus in the UK with no pre-existing health problems was Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab who was 13 and from Brixton in south London.

In May, a 6-week-old child who did have underlying health conditions died.

In a statement, the hospital said: "Sadly, on Monday, June 15, a child passed away at Sheffield Children's having been brought in to the hospital in a critical condition.

"Attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful.

"The cause of death is not yet known. Tests have confirmed that the child had Covid-19, but it isn't yet clear if it was a contributing factor."

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