Scott Morrison says he wants to see protesters charged if they ignore coronavirus gathering bans to attend rallies this weekend.

The Australian Prime Minister told 3AW's Neil Mitchell this morning there was "no doubt" the government would have been easing Covid-19 restrictions sooner if not for last weekend's protests.

"I really do think they should [be charged]," Morrison said.

"The issues of last weekend were very difficult, but I think people carrying it on now, it's not about that. It's about political people pushing a whole lot of other barrows now, and it puts others' lives and livelihoods at risk."


He said protesters were being selfish, reports.

"Millions of quiet Australians have done the right thing, and they didn't seem to be that concerned about their health, or their businesses, or their jobs," he said.

"People who would turn up to a rally this weekend would be showing great disrespect to their neighbours. It's a free country and we have our liberties but the price of that liberty is exercising it responsibly."

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His comments came hours before a person who attended a protest in Melbourne tested positive for coronavirus.

Authorities say the individual, who developed symptoms on Sunday, the day after the protest, wore a mask at the protest.

"They weren't symptomatic at the time," Victorian Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton said.

But he said it is possible the person was infectious at the time they attended the protest.