As violence escalates across the US in the protests against George Floyd's death, there have also been moments of immeasurable peace and compassion for fellow humans.

While video footage and photos of violence spread on social media, people are also trying to show places and moments where the protests were quiet and peaceful.

Below are some examples.

1. The community putting out free food and water for protesters in Minneapolis:


2. The moment police officers joined the protesters in Flint, as they chanted "walk with us":

3. The moment people in Colorado laid with the faces down for nine minutes, chanting "I can't breathe":

4. This man with a shirt saying "Free hugs", hugging a police officer:

5. People dancing in New Jersey:

6. Members of the community in Fairfax cleaning up the mess left behind:

7. This moment of silence in Atlanta, Georgia:

8. Nine minutes of silence for George Floyd in Washington DC:

9. This peaceful march in Chicago:


10. This photo from Nashville:

11. The protesters protecting the police officer that got separated from his group:

12. This photo in Houston, Texas:

13. This officer reading the names of police brutality victims to the crowd:

14. This person handing out hand sanitiser to protesters in Chicago:

15. These protesters in Ohio breaking into song: