Images of violence continue to come out of the US as protests over the death of George Floyd escalate.

Footage shared on Twitter earlier today shows a police officer kneeling on a protester's neck - the same type of tactic that the police officer charged with Floyd's murder did for nearly nine minutes, according to the official complaint.

The incident, captured on video, allegedly took place in Seattle and shows a Seattle Police Department officer putting his knee on a protester's neck during an arrest outside a T-Mobile store that was being looted.

The people surrounding the scene begin to protest the police officer's actions and a fellow officer physically removes the cop's knee from the protester's neck.

People shouted at the cop to get his knee off the man's neck. A fellow officer removed it. Photo / Twitter
People shouted at the cop to get his knee off the man's neck. A fellow officer removed it. Photo / Twitter

The crowd around him shouted "get your f***ing knee off his neck" and "get your knee off his neck" while the officer appears not to listen, leading the other officer to push the knee away.

He had his knee on him for approximately 15 seconds and footage was posted to Twitter by journalist Matt McKnight.

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Americans woke up today to cities burned, shops looted and the name of George Floyd, the man killed in an altercation with a police officer, graffitied and memorialised on buildings and cars across the nation.

However, something else happened as dawn broke. A twist to the unrest, as an army of people emerged to help clear up the charred and glass strewn streets with images on social media of even children helping in the effort.

Jamie Foxx Speaks out in Minneapolis about the Death of George Floyd. Video / Fox

At least 13 cities or counties have declared curfews on residents and 12 states have activated their state national guards to stop vandalism and looting.