Warning: Distressing content

A Sydney woman has been jailed for five years for the cruel punishments she inflicted on a 4-year-old boy, including making him drink Dettol when he gave her a "dirty look".

The woman, 32, also tied the boy to a chair, made him stand in a cold shower for 10 minutes and stuck him on top of a freezer, which he soon fell off, hitting his head.

She was heavily pregnant with her fourth child at the time of the incidents.


In May 2014, the boy and his mum went to stay at the woman's house in Doonside, west Sydney.

The woman inflicted horrific punishments on the boy, one time tying him to a chair with his hands tied behind his back, because he called her a "motherf*****".

The boy could be heard yelling "let me out, I want my mother".

He lives with anxiety and has a fear of showers now.

The woman reportedly punished her own children harshly as well.

NSW District Court judge Deborah Sweeney said the woman was helped by a 26-year-old man.

She has been found guilty of detaining the boy for advantage, causing a person to take a poison with the intention of causing distress or pain, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company.

Judge Sweeney jailed the woman for five years and said "there was a cruelty in the offender's conduct against a vulnerable young boy".


The boy's mother has been sentenced as well and the man who was also staying at the home is serving a minimum 12-year jail term.