A driver tried to throw NZ$50,000 worth of cocaine out of his van while police were chasing him but ended up with cocaine all over the inside of the vehicle after forgetting to actually open the window.

A photo of the man's expensive mistake was shared by police on Twitter.

Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police stopped the man on the M5 and discovered the van cab covered in white powder.

The man reportedly tried to get rid of the cocaine once he realised police were after him, but failed to open the window. When he threw the bag and it hit the glass, it split and covered the van in about $50,000 worth of cocaine.


"This van was stopped on the M5 on its way into Devon. The white powder is approx £25,000 worth of cocaine which was scattered all over the cab after its owner tried to throw it out of the window (which was closed!!)," police tweeted.

"Great Team effort with Firearms, Traffic and Scenes of Crime," they added.