As the world remains in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, a man has filmed himself licking a supermarket shelf and posted it online, leading to a call for him to be jailed.

The man is believed to have created the clip in a grocery store in the US state of Missouri.

"Who's scared of coronavirus?" he is says before licking the shelf, reports.

The video was shown on Good Morning Britain. Host Piers Morgan branded the man a moron and called for him to be put in jail and denied health care.


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"This is somebody in America who went to a supermarket knowing the coronavirus is attacking everyone in the United States and he did this and posted it online," he said.

"I'd like him found, and I am sure they will get him.

The man licked the shelves in the disturbing video. Photo / Supplied
The man licked the shelves in the disturbing video. Photo / Supplied

"I would like him put in prison, immediately. And then I would like him deprived of any healthcare should he then get the virus having tried to deliberately give it to potentially lots of other people.

"That might concentrate the minds of these morons and it might concentrate the minds of these morons we have here," he said, referring to Britain, where new measures aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus have been introduced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The stunt comes after another man filmed himself licking a subway pole in New York and posted it online.

Earlier in the month a woman filmed herself licking a plane toilet seat in what she called the "coronavirus challenge".

Last week Newsweek reported a 53-year-old woman had been issued with a police order after licking a freezer door handle in a Wisconsin supermarket as a "protest of the coronavirus".

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