Staff at an Ohio restaurant have been left stunned by an incredible act of kindness amid uncertain times caused by the coronavirus crisis.

The staff at Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus were on their last shift for the foreseeable future on Sunday night, after the state of Ohio ordered a mandatory shutdown of all bars and restaurants by 9pm.

Understanding times were about to become tougher for the restaurant's staff, a generous diner left a tip of NZ$4395 on top of his $51.59 bill.

On the receipt, the anonymous donor wrote: "Please split this tab equally between (staff members) Tara, Nicky, Jum, Liz and Arrun."


The receipt was shared on the restaurant's Twitter page.

"When the going gets tough, the tough stay loyal," the caption read.

"This loyal, amazing patron of Coaches on Bethel left the staff a $2500 (NZ$4392) tip to help lighten the losses during this required closing of Restaurants & Bars in Ohio."

While takeaway and delivery is still allowed in Ohio, the closure of bars and restaurants has been enforced as part of the state's social distancing measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The post appeared to be a much-needed spark of positivity as the number of confirmed cases in the United States soared past 8500.

"I needed some happy news today. This is awesome!" someone wrote.

"Good things happen to great people. Love hearing stories like this," another said.

The owner of the restaurant later added: "My staff is family. This circumstance is going to be remembered for the gesture over what the money will cover. Pretty cool thing when you think about it."


Closer to home, the Kindness Pandemic group on Facebook is gaining popularity as it helps to ease anxiety for many Aussies amid the crisis.

The group, which has more than 30,000 members, if packed with stories of people giving or receiving help, threads dedicated to thanking healthcare workers, tales of supermarket kindness and hundreds of small and large acts of decency.