With their country in lockdown because of coronavirus, quarantined Italians have figured out a way to maintain some semblance of social interaction, while keeping a safe distance and remaining in isolation.

Numerous videos on social media show Italian neighbourhoods in multiple towns where people are singing in unison from their balconies, as they pass the time in self-isolation.

Social media users called the videos "emotional" and said they brought happiness in a time of stress and pain.

"Because it warms everyone's heart, a little moment of hope and joy, trapped in this terrible days, when every minute you can hear an ambulance and you know what that means. Finding joy and will to live and sing in these days of pain here in Italy, is the best we can do," one person tweeted.


"One of the best things I have seen," another person said.

Italy has recorded more than 1000 coronavirus deaths.

Today, the country hit its highest one-day death toll yet, according to official data.

There were 250 deaths recorded over the past 24 hours, taking the total to 1266, with 17,660 infections overall, a rise of 2547 since Thursday evening.

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