A US police department has taken to social media to share the unusual items they confiscated during a recent traffic stop.

According to a post on Michigan's Bath Township Police Department Facebook page, officers recovered the haul during a routine search of a vehicle stopped in the early hours of January 27.

The photo shows knives, a pistol, a semi-automatic rifle, ammunition, drugs, needles, a large elaborate sword that looks more at home in Lord of The Rings, and a three-hole punch.

"In the early morning of January 27, officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. A subsequent search located a very odd combination of illegally possessed weapons as well as methamphetamine," they wrote, adding the hashtags #ObviouslyAHiPoint, #LordOfTheRingsMeetsJohnWick and #AncientSwordOfTheMethKing.


*While You Were Sleeping* In the early morning of Jan 27, Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. A subsequent...

Posted by Bath Township Police Department on Wednesday, 4 March 2020

The post quickly racked up thousands of comments, with many users correctly stating that the sword is a replica of a weapon that features in a popular Japanese "manga" animation.

But the Bath Township PD had to jump back into the comments to chastise users for missing the most dangerous weapon of the bunch.

"I figured someone would crack a joke about the three-hole punch," they wrote.

"You guys are underestimating the three-hole punch. You get one of your pinkies in that bad boy and you're going to have a bad day."

It's not the first time that the Bath Township PD has gone viral, with their posts frequently reaching beyond their home town of Lansing.

They also have an ongoing, friendly rivalry with their neighbours, the East Lansing Police Department.