A Ballarat woman has described the shocking torture she endured in a "master and submissive" relationship with her boyfriend of over three years.

Angelique, 22, was 16 when she met Thomas Jennings at a party, and moved in with him soon after.

"He forced me to sign a master and submissive contract," Angelique told A Current Affair.

"I thought it was just something to do with the lease or the house or something, and after I signed it, he said, 'well now I am the master and you're the submissive, which means you're my slave'."


Angelique, who has an intellectual disability and can't read or write, said Jennings would pour chilli on her in the shower, lock her in a dog cage and put a dog collar around her neck, and make her crawl on all fours.

With hardly any friends and no family, she didn't have anyone to turn to for help until one of Jennings' friends, Chris Bourne, saw how malnourished and afraid Angelique was.

"He attempted to have his dog attack her, he grabbed it by the collar, told it to kill her and just went into full attack mode and he had every intent to release the dog on her," Bourne said.

He gave Angelique a panic button and then came to the house when she called him, convincing Jennings that police wanted Angelique for questioning about a firearm.

Jennings was charged with more than 20 offences, but some were dropped after he made a deal to plead guilty to 11 of them.

He was jailed for two years and eight months, for false imprisonment, assault with weapon, wilfully urge dog to bite, among other charges.

Jennings has now been released and Angelique said she wanted to warn others to stay away from him.