The first case of the killer coronavirus has been confirmed in London.

The victim is believed to be a Chinese national who was diagnosed on Thursday NZ time.

It is understood to be the first case where someone has contracted the virus in the UK.

The victim is a woman and is on her way to hospital, The Guardian reported.


The victim had travelled from China and was diagnosed at a hospital overnight, a government source revealed to media.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said earlier this week that the coronavirus outbreak was a "serious and imminent" threat to the British public.

The news comes after 83 people being held in quarantine at a Merseyside hospital were all cleared of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has killed more than 1000 people to date. Photo / Getty
The coronavirus has killed more than 1000 people to date. Photo / Getty

Earlier this week a British coronavirus "super spreader", who may have infected nearly a dozen other people, was released from a London hospital after recovering from the deadly virus he picked up while in Singapore.

Steve Walsh, 53, contracted the virus in Singapore while at a business conference before going to the French Alps for a ski holiday, then returning to his home in Hove, East Sussex.

He was diagnosed on February 6.

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"I'm happy to be home and feeling well," Walsh said in a statement.


"I want to give a big thank you to the NHS who have been great throughout and my thoughts are with everyone around the world who continues to be affected by the virus.

"It's good to be back with my family and I would ask you please to respect our privacy from this point on."

British coronavirus
British coronavirus "super spreader" Steve Walsh who may have infected nearly a dozen other people has been released from hospital. Photo / Facebook

Before being discharged, Walsh was given two tests for the virus, with both coming back negative, indicating he had fully recovered from the illness.

Experts previously warned that highly contagious coronavirus carriers known as "super spreaders" could make the new outbreak more unpredictable and tougher to contain.

Some patients might infect one or two people with the virus, while a "super spreader" could spread the illness to dozens, the Telegraph reported.

There are still no confirmed or suspected cases of coronavirus in New Zealand, the Director-General of Health says.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, in an update on the deadly outbreak, said there are now three labs in NZ that can test 24/7 as well as ESR in Wellington.

"So far over 50 tests have been done that have come back negative; there are a number of tests that are outstanding.

"None of the outstanding tests fit people who have all the symptoms of coronavirus."

The disease - now officially named Covid-2019 - has infected more than 44,000 people worldwide and killed 1113, according to official reports.

The vast majority of deaths have been in mainland China, with 1068 of them in Hubei province, where the outbreak began.