WARNING: Distressing content

A grainy video has emerged that shows body bags and hospital staff in full hazmat outfits treating patients infected with the coronavirus.

The covert footage was shot by Chinese man Fang Bin who was arrested by police for taking the video.

In the video Mr Bin goes to a van outside the hospital and counts eight body bags piled on each other before he steps inside the wards.


Once inside Mr Bin finds more bodies lying in the corridors waiting for people to move them outside.

Footage has emerged from inside a hospital in Wuhan where the coronavirus originated. Photo / Twitter
Footage has emerged from inside a hospital in Wuhan where the coronavirus originated. Photo / Twitter

Mr Bin was eventually released by police and had his computers confiscated but was allowed to keep his mobile.

Mr Bin posted another video to Twitter where he confessed he was still afraid he may get arrested again and that all Chinese people needed to stand together.

"I have been saying that my safety relies on everyone. It's useless to be fearful. It's useless to beg them. The more you fear, the more they do things this way. The only way out is that everyone stand up," he said.

Mr Bin's journey was posted on Twitter by Chinese journalists Jennifer Zeng who has been using her platform to share videos of the outbreak.

One of the other videos on Ms Zeng's account showed police arming themselves with guns.

Ms Zeng questioned the logic of police arming themselves as they would not be able to shoot or control the virus.

However a later video appeared on her page suggests the arming was to deal with citizens in the area.


A woman somewhere in China was arrested in a supermarket for allegedly not wearing a mask.

The footage has not been verified but it appears to show a woman without a mask being forcibly removed from the supermarket by two policeman.

The coronavirus has been spreading panic across the globe as the latest death toll from the virus rises to 304 in China.

The World Health Organisation expected that number to rise significantly and a recent study suggested that as many as 75,815 people could be infected in Wuhan.