If you think that your employer takes liberties, spare a thought for the brave men and women of Thailand's police force.

Police in Bangkok have utilised an unorthodox method of crime-fighting by staging a public re-enactment of a sex crime in the hunt for two tourists who flouted the country's indecency laws.

Video emerged at the weekend of a Western man and a Thai woman having sex in the open near a prestigious Kasetsart University in Bangkok.

The couple posted further videos, showing them engaged in sex acts in other public places, which has caused widespread outrage in Thailand and spurred the police to take extraordinary action.


In an effort to find the couple, two uniformed police officers performed a very graphic recreation of the sex acts.

Police work is hard work. Photo / Supplied
Police work is hard work. Photo / Supplied

As one officer gingerly bends over and grips a nearby tree, his colleague thrusts behind him as the pair mirror one of the poses taken by the amorous couple.

Thai police suspect the pair were making video to order for online customers and will be scouring CCTV to try and make a positive identification.

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Police Lieutenant Colonel Sarawut Butrdee said: "The video that has been spreading on the internet shows the couple's bodies, which makes it easier for us to find them.

"Our investigation found that they had been filming several scenes of outdoor sex and posting them on an adult video website for money.

"This behaviour is illegal and immoral. Publishing it breaks the Computer Crime Act against publishing obscenity into the public domain."