A bungling British bandit has pleaded guilty to robbery after a bizarre incident that saw him attempt to use a pillowcase as a disguise, before removing it when he realised he had neglected to add holes for his eyes.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that Matthew Davies entered a bank in Dunfermline in September last year, carrying a meat cleaver in a pillowcase.

He pulled the meat cleaver from the pillowcase before putting the bedding item over his head, removing it when he found he couldn't see.

The 47-year-old then threatened staff and battered a glass partition with the cleaver, eventually leaving with £1,980 (NZ$3892).


A witness followed Davies as he left the bank, with Davies leading the witness back to his home.

Police later found the cash and a pillowcase at the property.

The BBC reported that Davies pleaded guilty to a charge of assault and robbery and was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing next month.