The bushfire ravaged town of South Durras has left a brutal message for looters beside their community notice board.

South Durras residents have said they will use wood-chippers, boats and even a crab pot on would-be looters.

A South Durras resident who did not want to be named told why looters should be afraid of such a threat.

"The idea is chip the looters like you mulch branches in a wood chipper, then go out in the boat and put the chipped looter bits into crabpots as bait…" the resident said.


The sign reads: "To looters. We will not let you steal from us. If you come you will not go back. We have a woodchipper, crab pots and boats. You have been warned. We are vigilant. The South D crew."

The "South D crew" issued the graphic warning to looters. Photo / Supplied

The sign was found at South Durras Road at the Durras Lake Road turnoff yesterday.

South Durras is along NSW's south coast, one of the areas hit the hardest by bushfires this season.

South Durras was evacuated. Those that remained were told it was too late to leave as a firestorm drew near.