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Jamie Lee Dolheguy is on trial in the Victorian Supreme Court for the murder of Maulin Rathod, a man she met on an online dating site. The court has heard evidence of a recorded police interview after the strangling. Jurors are deliberating.

It's 10.25pm on the night Jamie Lee Dolheguy strangled to death a man she just met with the electrical cord from a sex toy and the 20-year-old is chatting casually about what she has done.

Sitting across from detectives at the Sunbury Police Station in Melbourne's northwest, the killer is forthright.


She wants them to know exactly how she did it so they will stop her from doing it again.

"I was on my internet looking at Plenty Of Fish which is an online dating site," she begins, according to the official record of interview, seen by news.com.au.

"I got a text message. A message on one of the sites from this guy who wanted to come over and see me.

"I said, 'Yes', and when he came out … when he told me he was at my house, I went out and I brought him into my bedroom."

The man was 24-year-old Indian-born international student Maulin Rathod, a man Dolheguy described as "skinny" and "happy to learn" about choke play.

"I told him that I … that I wouldn't let him out of the house and he said he didn't care," she tells detectives.

"I said that I'm into choke play and he said that he's happy to learn anything so I said that I have, like, psychopathic tendencies in my head and I'm not really that safe and he said he's not scared."

Dolheguy, who is on trial in the Victorian Supreme Court for Rathod's murder, has a history of borderline personality disorder.


She says the "bad side" came out when she was dressed in a cosplay outfit and sitting on the bed with the 24-year-old.

"One's mean, one's nice, they're both me," she tells detectives of her split personalities.

"I said [to him], 'Do you realise how close my hands are to your throat?' and he said, 'Yeah,' and then I was like, 'What if I – what would you do if I were to never let go, are you strong enough to pull me off?' and he was like, 'I'm pretty strong,' and I'm like, 'Could we test the theory?' and he's like, 'Yeah, as long as you don't hurt me.'"

Dolheguy says she moved behind Rathod on the bed, choked him with her arms and then wrapped her legs around his body so he could not move.

She then grabbed the cord from her vibrator and wrapped that tightly around his neck. At one point during the strangulation, she whispered in his ears: "It'll be okay. It'll be over."

She told detectives she doesn't know if he heard her.

Jamie Lee Dolheguy called police immediately after strangling Maulin Rathod to death. Photo / news.com.au
Jamie Lee Dolheguy called police immediately after strangling Maulin Rathod to death. Photo / news.com.au

During her trial, the court heard Dolheguy had googled the words: "I'm going to kill someone tonight for fun."

She landed on a web page that offered advice and "10 steps to committing a murder and getting away with it".

But when speaking to detectives, she admitted things might have gone differently if Rathod was larger in stature.

"If it was a big man I would probably — I know this sounds stupid, but I bite and I am into vampire fantasies and I would probably either get him to run away or latch on to his neck, one or the other," she said.

"Most likely I'd probably run away because I don't — I don't pick on people that are too much for me. I can take on four normal-sized men but I can't take on one full-grown muscle man."

After strangling Rathod, Dolheguy called police and told them: "It feels good".

During the recorded interview, she said she was desperate for them to believe she was capable of killing somebody so they could stop her doing it again.

"I knew that I'm not gonna get any better unless something stops me from doing it again because it — I dunno, I just didn't wanna do it again and I know that if something doesn't step in my way, I'm probably going to do it again and I don't want to."

"Yeah," a detective responds.

"It's better to get help before it's too late than it is to wait until it is too late and I can't get help from my psych," she says.

Jurors, including eight women and five men, are currently deliberating.

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