Anti-vaxxer campaigners are leaving one-star reviews on the Government of Samoa's Facebook page, expressing their opposition to vaccinations in the wake of the measles epidemics on the island.

A total of 65 people have died of measles in Samoa since the outbreak and the number is expected to rise.

Most of the deadly victims were under 5 years old.

The government of Samoa launched a mass vaccination campaign to try to stop the spread of the deadly disease as it continues to claim lives.


The anti-vaxxers, mostly from the US, took to Facebook to express their opposition to the government's decision to make the vaccine mandatory.

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A number of one-star reviews, with anti-vaccine comments, were left on the government's Facebook page as the country continues focused on trying to stop the spread of the disease.

A thread with screenshots of the reviews has been shared on Twitter where users are suggested Facebook needs to take action against anti-vaxxers by banning their accounts, in a bit to stop misinformation.

There were now more than 4,300 measles reported since the outbreak started.

People without the measles vaccine have been told to leave a red flag or cloth outside their homes.

In the first day of the shutdown, it's estimated about 6000 vaccinations were administered.