A Schoolie has been called "disappointing" after she was filmed posing over the ledge of a high rise apartment balcony.

The young woman, who was at the Wyndham Apartments at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, reportedly climbed over the glass railing of the balcony and proceeded to pose for photos, reports News.com.au.

In video the woman can be seen walking back and forth across the small slab of concrete outside the railing, and at one point seems to have pulled a chair onto the ledge.

The woman was reportedly on the 13th floor, according to a report from 7 News.


She was reportedly not a resident of the hotel, and was visiting guests. She has subsequently been banned from Wyndham Apartments and those staying in the room have had the doors locked for the remainder of their stay, according to 9 News.

Police said it was "disappointing" to see the girl's behaviour but said it wasn't possible to "be everywhere".

Last year Sydney teen, Hamish Bidgood, fell to his death while attending Schoolies.

Craig Hanlon, Acting Chief Superintendent urged people to contact police if they saw Schoolies misbehaving in a way that might "cause them harm".