A woman waiting on a railway platform was lucky to escape with her life, after a fainting man accidentally threw her into the path of an oncoming train earlier this week.

The incredible CCTV from Argentina showed the moment a man standing on an underground station platform in Buenos Aires suddenly fainted among a crowd of people, reports News.com.au.

As he fell, a woman standing towards edge of the platform was lurched forward by the force, and thrown onto the tracks. At almost the same moment she fell, a train emerged from the end of the tunnel, hurtling towards the helpless woman.

Commuters standing horrified by on the platform frantically began waving at the train driver, signalling for them to stop. The train miraculously stopped just metres from the woman.


As the train stopped bystanders jumped onto the train tracks, helping the woman to safety.

The incident took place at the Pueyrredon station of the Buenos Aires Underground on Tuesday morning, according to The Sun. The woman was later assisted by transport officers.

The woman and the fainting man have not yet been identified.