A New Zealand man who lives with his wife and six children in Queensland, Australia, faces deportation after being convicted of a violent one-punch attack on a woman.

Steve Smith claims he is a "family man" who doesn't deserve to be deported.

It all started during an argument over a taxi on Melbourne Cup day last year.

Footage released by Queensland Police shows a friend of the New Zealander being punched first, then Smith going for retaliation.


Smith, a father-of-six from New Zealand, can be seen in the footage punching a woman to the ground and leaving her lying motionless in the middle of the road, in the path of oncoming traffic.

Michael McGarry from Queensland Police described it as a "cowardly attack".

Smith pleaded guilty and got a 15-month suspended sentence and a fine.

His punishment also includes the cancellation of his visa, taking away his right to reside in Australia with his family and, if not appealed successfully, forcing his deportation to New Zealand.

The victim, Lorna Hosford, said in an interview she is still haunted by the attack.

"That could have been my last day on Earth," she said.

Footage released by police shows Steve Smith going after others after punching Lorna Hosford to the ground. Photo / Supplied
Footage released by police shows Steve Smith going after others after punching Lorna Hosford to the ground. Photo / Supplied

Smith claims the attack was provoked but his victim says she did "nothing to provoke him".

According to 9 News, she was the one who asked police to release the video to show "the truth".


"For him to twist the narrative in the way that he has, it hurts me," she said.

The Smith family started a petition to stop his deportation to New Zealand.

"The Smith family are deeply entrenched in the Bundaberg community through work, schools, sporting teams and various clubs," he wrote in the petition.

"Mum (Julia) and their combined six children were all born in Australia and most of the kids in our local Bundaberg Hospital. Dad (Steve) was born in NZ but has lived in Bundaberg for over 10 years now.

"This family have been productive members of our society; both parents have full time jobs, own their own home, pay taxes and rates back to Australia and our community," he added.

Smith says he "made a mistake and in a provoked heated moment [he] lashed out in anger and struck a person with one punch, causing injury".

"This is way outside Steve's normally law abiding, placid, nurturing fatherly personality and his history shows this," the petition reads.

"Steve has been a model citizen, both in NZ and Australia for 52 years with a clean record, work history including military service and no prior convictions. He pleaded guilty and has taken his punishment, unfortunately one of which was the automatic Australian visa cancellation.

"This visa cancellation, if not appealed successfully may result in the family splitting up and Dad being deported back to NZ – with a loss of income, loss of home, but most detrimental of all, loss of family."

Smith's petition attracted numerous comments of support for the family, with people saying Smith is "a good man" and "we all make mistakes".