On Tuesday, the largest group of children of firefighters killed on September 11 or from related diseases joins the city's Fire Department. Here are their stories.

They were just children when their fathers ran toward


Manny Mojica, 23

Mike Florio, 24


Rebecca Asaro, 27, and Marc Asaro, 25

Thomas Heedles, 29

Brendan Regan, 30

Anthony Ragaglia, 25, and Leonard J. Ragaglia Jr., 28

Robert Tilearcio Jr., 29

Matthew Jovic, 28

Pete Carroll, 26

Brian Phillips, 29

Robert J. Foti Jr., 29

Greg Kumpel, 28

Kevin Kerr, 23

Emmet Meehan, 28

Dylan Boesch, 25

Liam Ryan, 24

Scott B. Larsen, 22