The search for a couple who went missing while on a camping trip in regional Victoria has come to tragic end after they were found dead in their car this morning.

Caleb Forbes, 22, and his girlfriend Shannon Lowden, 21, told family members last Friday they were heading to Thomas Dam in West Gippsland to camp overnight.

They failed to return as planned and the alarm was raised when Mr Forbes didn't turn up to work on Sunday.

The car was found lying on its side against a tree. Photo / Nine News
The car was found lying on its side against a tree. Photo / Nine News

"The pair were found deceased in their car on Trig East track, east of Thomson Dam at about 11am," Victoria Police said in a statement.


Police will investigate the circumstances and prepare a report for the Coroner.

Footage from the scene taken by Nine News shows the 4WD lying on its side down an embankment next to a tree.

Inspector Shane Cashman told reporters today the pair were found on treacherous terrain.

"It is a very difficult track to negotiate, it is almost a sheer drop to the side. We will put work in to finding out what has actually occurred to make that car leave the road," he said.

"We have spoken to the families and they are understandably devastated. It is very difficult for everybody concerned.

"There has been a lot of resources going into this and a lot of family, friends and volunteers have turned up here to help out and try and find these two.

"It is upsetting for everybody that we haven't been able to find them safely."

Insp Cashman had a warning for other campers who may be planning to visit the area in the future.


"There is a message in this in letting people know exactly where you are going and what your intentions are and having communication with family members when you are away, but also to know your vehicle, know your skill set and know the roads and before you undertake the process," he said.

Police, the State Emergency Service and volunteers have been searching the area for almost a week after their disappearance.

Authorities believed the couple's four-wheel drive may have become bogged on one of the tracks, leaving the campers stranded.

Tributes have started flowing in from social media users who have been following the search for the couple.

Shannon Lowden and her boyfriend Caleb Forbes. Photo / Supplied
Shannon Lowden and her boyfriend Caleb Forbes. Photo / Supplied

"Everyday this week when I woke up I checked this post for updates. Hoping and praying for good news. They have constantly been on my mind. Condolences to the families and friends," one Facebook user said.

"My heart breaks for their families and friends. I'm so very sorry to hear this news. May they Rest In Peace," another person wrote.

One added: "So terribly sad and heartbreaking for all who knew & loved them. Thankful that they could be located and their families can say goodbye. Well done to all those who have been out searching, my thoughts and prayers are with all involved."

Yesterday, Insp Cashman said their disappearance was "totally out of character".

"If they are in their car and they've got camping gear that can keep them warm we are hopeful that they will be OK," he told 3AW.

"If they have moved away from their car then that's a concern but if they have stayed with their car, they can access water, they should have some supplies that have almost diminished but the water will keep them going."