Shocking video has emerged of the moment a bull bison charged a group of tourists at Yellowstone National Park, tossing a 9-year-old Florida girl into the air.

Park officials say the bison rushed the group after some of the tourists approached to within 2 to 3 metres of the animal over at least 20 minutes.

Park regulations prohibit visitors from "willfully remaining near or approaching wildlife, including nesting birds, within any distance that disturbs or displaces the animal".

The Odessa, Florida, girl was taken to Old Faithful Lodge by her family for treatment by emergency personnel. She was later taken to a clinic and released.


Park officials did not disclose the extent of any injuries.

Injuries of tourists by bison and other wildlife occur regularly in Yellowstone, which gets about 4 million visitors annually.

The video was posted to Twitter, where users were quick to blame the parents for allowing the child to get so close to the beast.