WARNING: Disturbing content:

A Sydney man who took sex dice, flavoured condoms and reportedly a rainbow lollipop to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex has said he was beaten up in prison, received death threats and was branded "lolly man" by fellow inmates.

Vengata Radhakrishnan, 39, has pleaded guilty to a charge of using a carriage service to procure a child under 16 for sex.

He was arrested in May last year at a McDonald's in Parramatta, in Sydney's west, where he arranged to meet the girl. But the girl didn't exist — he had been speaking to police officers all along.


Radhakrishnan told a judge at a sentencing hearing in Parramatta District Court today that what he did was "disgusting" particularly as he had a daughter of his own.

"I feel ashamed of it. If I look at it as a third person, I look on it in a disgusting way," he said.

"I should not have done this. I also have a daughter and if anything happened to her, I just can't imagine it."

He attended court with his wife, who sat silent throughout.

Radhakrishnan, from Waitara on Sydney's north shore, was caught as part of Strike Force Trawler, an ongoing investigation by NSW Police into the sexual abuse of children online.

In April 2018, the computer programmer had begun using an online chat room and sending increasingly lewd content to what he thought was a teen but was actually detectives from NSW Police's Strike Force Trawler.

The man said "I am looking for girl who can give me BJ (sic) and $50 for 15 min… I will keep adding $50 for every 15 minutes."

The profile of the girl reiterated she was aged just 14.


Court documents state the Indian national Australian resident was recorded "masturbating over web camera". He offered the non-existent girl money for oral sex and shared porn involving vegetables.

The man asked if the teen was on holiday. When "she" replied yes, he arranged to meet her at a McDonald's fast food outlet in North Parramatta on May 21 last year.

As the date neared, he sent GIFs of a sexual nature and offered to buy a jersey from the Sydney Wests Tigers NRL team as a gift.

"Hopefully no one captures us on cam (sic) when we do naughty things," he wrote in a message.

When detectives pretending to be the girl, said she didn't know how to perform oral sex, Radhakrishnan said it was like "eating an ice block," and he would wear a flavoured condom.

On April 18, 2018 Radhakrishnan said he would also perform oral sex "like a dog".

Police were waiting at the McDonalds on May 21 when Radhakrishnan arrived to meet the supposed teen and bring her into his car.

Officers found flavoured condoms and sex dice in his car.

Radhakrishnan was initially detained for just over 100 days. Giving evidence today, he said fellow inmates had seen TV reports about him, including the lollipop, begun abusing him.

He was assaulted, he said, by three people and sustained injuries that needed stitches. Prison officers moved him to protective custody but he still received threats.

"Some people approached me and said, you won't be here for long — we will kill you," he said through a Tamil interpreter.

"Police provided me with more protection but found it very difficult to even go and use the toaster.

"They (other inmates) would see me and they shouted 'Lolly man' at me."

He was eventually moved to another jail.

When asked by the prosecution lawyer if he intended to have sex with an underage teen and had condoms in his car, Radhakrishnan said yes to both.

He also said that he had sent the "girl" a message that said "15 minutes to suk cok (sic) rubber on top?" He confirmed that meant using a condom.

Court documents stated he seemed bemused by his arrest and told officers, "it wasn't illegal to talk to 14-year-olds."

He tried to walk away, telling Police: "I'm just going to go home now".

However, in January he pleaded guilty to the offence.

The sentencing hearing was adjourned until 7 August with bail to continue.