A liar who raped two women he met on Tinder has had his web of lies exposed after he falsely presented himself as an "international man of mystery", claiming to be a French sniper.

Fijian-Australian Ratu Bose was found guilty of three counts of rape and assault for headbutting one of his victims during attacks which took place between April 2016 and January 2017.

Bose's vicious spree of attacks continued, with it now being revealed he had a habit of "hooking up" with women he met online before moving in with them and asking for financial support.

During the 33-year-old's string of attacks, he claimed he was married to a wealthy older Swiss woman.


In one incident, Bose headbutted his victim before raping her, and in another his victim was so traumatised she ran out of her house naked, jumped in her car and drove to a friend's house for support.

When he found out one of his victims had contacted police, he threatened to post videos of the victim all over YouTube, saying "prepare to be famous all over the internet".

Bose migrated to Australia from Fiji during his school years and had no criminal history before the rapes, but had a subsequent matter in August 2017 for which he served two months in jail.

In that case, Bose assaulted and threatened to kill a woman he also met on Tinder.

In court on Thursday, Judge Trevor Wraight was told Bose had no remorse or insight into his offending, maintaining he was innocent.

More of Bose's lies were exposed in court, with the 33-year-old claiming he'd worked as a sous chef in a five-star Swiss hotel, that his father was a senior employee of the Fijian government and that his mother had worked for the United Nations.

Judge Wraight said the claims were "consistent with the way he views himself and presents himself to women on Tinder as an international man of mystery".

"He's a liar, and clearly is and was to these women," he said.


Bose, who has been in custody for two years, will be sentenced August 1.